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You don't have to hire a "geek" to get professional and cost-effective IT support.

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David went out of his way to help me out, he guided me through what I needed, and then arranged to have all of our email hosting changed over in less than 30 minutes, and within 2 hours David had changed the whole way my company does business!! I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking to get the edge over their competitors or to stream line their operation.
-H.L., Orange, California

You don’t have to hire a ‘geek’ to get professional, skilled and cost-effective IT support for your small business in Orange County.

We at Green Room Consulting have over 14 years of experience in both on-premise and cloud IT, and have attained both theboth the Microsoft Small and MidMarket Cloud Solutions competency and Cloud Productivity competency at the silver level.  We are highly skilled in PC, Mac, and hosted environments, and maintain close relationships with many of the best vendors and contractors in our field. And most importantly, our consultants are great with people and use clear, non-technical language when corresponding with clients.

We believe that a mix of comprehensive knowledge, highly developed skills AND personable service like ours is a true rarity in Orange County. Contact us today if we are a good fit for your business!